Penthouse Apartment Check-in Instructions

Šmartno 28, 5211 Šmartno


Check-in & Check-out

Check in: 15:00
Check-out: 10:00

How to enter the apartment

More info→


More info →

Wifi: Welcome2017

Breakfast every morning in the lobby


Suites Danica is locatedin Šmartno. You can park your car at the main parking spot at Šmartno or at any point on your way to the Apartments.

The main entrance to Suites Danica is from the boootm side stairs next to the terrace.

For detailed info look at the photo on your left →

Breakfast from: 8:30 – 10:00


The apartment is located on the left side of the suites danica as on the picture on the left→. When you enter the building your apartment is at the very top. Walk up stairs until you get to the top and your penthouse apartment is waiting for you

Apartment Code has been sent to your email. The same code will open all the doors (front door, apartment door, breakfast room door). Your code will not open doors that are not meant for you.


Free public parking is available outside of the fortress village of Šmartno either at the centre parking or along the street next to the apartment entrance. Please check the photo below for more info ↓

Alternatively you can also walk to Suites Danica from the top side and avoid walking up the stairs. But you will not be able to drive to Suites Danica from the village side (top side of the building) Google maps picture from the parking spot to the Apartments (walking path)  ↓